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Choose from campaign materials to promote World Suicide Prevention Day, National Suicide Prevention Month or National Suicide Prevention Week, or non-specific dates to support Take 5. Materials are available in Spanish. 

Print or Post Take 5 Flyers

Download all flyers in one document, but only use the ones you need! 

  • Non-specific dates

  • World Suicide Prevention Day

  • National Suicide Prevention Week

  • National Suicide Prevention Month

  • Custom Flyer- add your own text, logo, and image!


Post the Take 5 Action Steps

Use your social media channels to share each Take 5 action steps. You can post them all at once or spread them out over several posts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or anywhere else people will see them!


Get Social

Use the preselected text, images, and other tools to share Take 5 with your professional and personal networks:

  • in your company's newsletter,

  • on your personal or company website,

  • in an email to friends and family,

  • on your personal social media pages, or

  • feature Take 5 in a blog post! 

  1. Sample text: "You have an important role in preventing suicide. Join the Take 5 to Save Lives movement today." 

  2. For a blog post or newsletterDownload Word Doc

  3. Always link back to the Take 5 site:

  4. Social Media Image: Download in English, Descargar en Español

  5. Take 5 Logo: Download logo png

All 5 steps post.png
All 5 steps post.jpg

Share a message of hope

Be an influencer for a cause! One of the best ways to encourage friends and family to get involved is to SHOW them! Follow the steps below: 

  • Take a selfie holding up 5 fingers (see the photo to the right for an example).​

  • Post to Instagram or Facebook and tag @Take5tosavelives. Use a variation of this suggested text: "I've taken 5 steps to prevent suicide. You can too! Take 5 to Save Lives." 

  • Tag or share your photo with a friend and challenge them to Take 5 to Save Lives too!

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